Staying active is a good thing.

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Why say, "Blessed with Activity"?

My Story


Years ago, I was blessed to have worked with paralyzed veterans.  As a matter of fact, my doctoral dissertation was about identifying quality long-term care for non-service-connected spinal cord injured veterans.  Each March, Veteran Service Organizations would meet to testify in front of the Joint Hearing Committee, seeking to improve benefits for veterans and their families.  I had the privilege to attend those meetings.  We also met with our local State Representatives. 

At any rate, I quickly learned I was blessed each day to rise by myself without the aid of attendants. I was humbled, learning the way of life for people with spinal cord dysfunctions.  You think your day is tough?  Wait until your mode of getting around changes, completely. 

So, when people asked me how are you doing? My go to response was, "I got up."  I ran the halls of the hospital, our fundraisers, events, and more.  Always busy, friends and colleagues would say, "I just want to follow you one day.  You are always on the go."  My boss called me the Tasmanian Devil!  Ha!!

A mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, full-time employee, volunteer, professor, gardener, quilter, exerciser, and student, I was, and still am, Blessed with Activity.

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Many say, "The grass is greener on the other side".  I say, "Have you watered your grass lately"?  

If we take care of ourselves first, sans complaining, we might actually see "the forest for the trees".  

Life is not easy.  But if we take responsibility for our actions and activity, we might influence others.  

Blessed with Activity

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